Who is Running Guy?

Running Guy is a normal chap, but he’s also a runner – and he loves it.  He runs a couple of times a week, as much as three if the weather’s nice, and he rarely misses his local parkrun.  Some days he’s quite fast, well, by his standards, and others he’s not.  In truth he’s not that athletic, although he’s quite fit.  He’d be even fitter if he didn’t like beer.  And burgers.  But he does, and that’s cool because he runs.

He hasn’t done an ultra yet, and perhaps never will.  But he just did a couple more half marathons and got PBs in both.  And he ate burgers and drank beer after both.

If you ask him what he loves about running, he’ll tell you that it’s a wonderful way to keep fit, and that it gives him a chance to unwind and that bit of thinking space that’s otherwise so hard to find.  All this is true, but he also secretly loves putting on a really soft running tee, and fondly gazing on all the running bling he’s amassed (which isn’t really, as he likes to claim, at the bottom of some draw somewhere if he’s even still got it).  And he doesn’t care what he looks like, as long as his kit does the job – although he often tries on several shirts in front of the mirror before leaving the house.

Thinking about it, RG is probably not that dissimilar to most of us…….