Today I woke up to a snowy vista, a perfect blanket of snow with not yet a tyre track to disturb its perfection.  I’d planned to do a long run, but that didn’t look at all wise, so I settled back to enjoy a leisurely cup of tea.  ‘Only an idiot would go running in that. Only an idiot would go running in that. Only an idiot…….’

Ten minutes later I was stepping out of the porch and testing the ground.  Mud treads has to be a sound choice……

I’ve never run in powder snow before, but I can’t imagine it could have been any more satisfying than it was today.  On the roads and trails my footfall was so soft, with a satisfying crunch at the end, and softer and more muted running across the fields (the Inov8 X-Talons were perfect, in case you wondered).  Of course you won’t really know exactly where the feet are going, but the enforced shorter and more deliberate stride meant that you’d be fine.  No time for the watch, or running with any purpose other than to simply enjoy the experience.  A bit chilly on the exposed face, sure, but it’s – you know – snowing, and it would be weird any other way.  Just wonderful!

I think sometimes we get pretty hung up about the temperature and what we should wear, and that puts us off running in extreme conditions – too windy, too cold, too wet (too ‘too much like hard work’). It would have been so easy to have not bothered, but as is true for many runs, you are always so pleased that you did it, irrespective of how much you may not have fancied the idea before you actually got started.  And if I’d succumbed to the ‘only an idiot’ mantra I was trying to fool myself with, then I’d have missed this great opportunity to do something different and unusual.

So was I that ‘only an idiot’ who went out in the snow?  Well call me what you like, but it was great, and as soon as I’ve done my duties, I’m off out in it again.  And I bet you did too, right?