My name is Guy, Running Guy

My name is Guy, Running Guy


My name is Guy, Running Guy – although the names might have been changed in order to protect the stupid and not so innocent.

Many of my friends have asked me about writing a blog about running. And, despite their requests not to do so, I have decided to ignore them all and do it anyway.

I’m not an expert. Actually I’m not even a good runner really. But I did wonder where the voice of the average runner was in this world wide inter web net thing, and whether the thoughts of someone who wasn’t particularly good at it, might be of interest to my fellow 2m non-elites. I say not particularly good, but I suppose that depends on what you mean. I’m not fast, but I am improving, so that’s pretty good right? (You might be wondering what my times are for a 5K or a half marathon, but I think I’ll keep that to myself knowing that they will sound really slow to some readers, and pretty fast to others). I’m not really an Ultra distance runner, but I have done a few longer runs, and am increasingly enjoying going longer without pressure on distance or pace. I have read a lot about running, so do know quite a bit about what I should be doing – all excellent advice for me to ignore (stretching, nutrition, keeping long runs slow, not going off too fast in a race…..sound familiar?). So yes, not a great runner.

So, you might wonder, am I actually good at anything? Well yes, you cynic, two things actually. Firstly, I’m good at loving this most simple yet complex sport. At enjoying it while being frustrated at it. Being able to run is a privilege, and that I get. Secondly, I’m really good at being opinionated.

So, that’s enough about me. If you’re interested on what nonsense Running Guy has to spout, sign up, and we’ll see if we can supply you with some intriguing thoughts. From an average runner.